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July 31, 2013
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Refrigerated Trucking in California
August 22, 2013


There are a lot of trucking companies claiming they specialize in Refrigerated Trucking.  These days however most of them are new to the industry.  Furthermore many aren’t experienced professionals in Temperature Controlled Trucking where the temperature must be specifically matched to the freight and kept so throughout transit.

Refrigerated TruckingThe important thing in Refrigerated Trucking is knowing more than just the  basics; it’s that companies claiming to be experienced at refrigerated trucking and actually being so are two completely different concepts which affect pickup, hauling, delivery, storage, cost, adherence to rules and laws and much more. As an example,  when shipping consumable goods into or out of the state of California a  trucking company is required to be registered with ARBER (Air  Resources Board Equipment Registration) and TRU (Transport  Refrigeration Unit Generator Set Regulations).  Beginning January 1,  2013, California law requires freight brokers, forwarders, shippers, and  receivers to only hire and dispatch TRU-equipped trucks, trailers,  shipping containers, and rail cars that are compliant with the in-use  performance standards if the perishable load will travel on California  highways or railways. West Coast Carriers takes the guess work out of transporting your perishable commodities.

Whether you’re shipping your freight chilled, frozen or temperature regulated, West Coast Carriers has the experience and know how to get your cargo delivered on time and at the right temperature. We understand the value of calling ahead to make an appointment to a grocery warehouse as well as the importance of being their on time. We are fully prepared to handle anything from Full Refrigerated Truckloads to transporting your refrigerated LTL and offer bulkhead services as well. We service all of the United States and Canada and are ready to transport your freight with our services in Refrigerated Trucking.

Don’t get caught with a spoiled truckload of cargo – contact our truly experienced veteran trucking professionals here at West Coast Carriers for a free consultation on getting your freight delivered.