Refrigerated Trucking

West Coast Carriers: Refrigerated Trucking

Shipping takes many forms and for certain companies who deal in perishable items from produce to dairy or meats to frozen goods, it is required that the state of refrigeration be steady and consistent.  Each type of refrigerated product requires its own settings and its own specifics for loading, conveyance and unloading as well as storage before and after.  Each category of refrigerated cargo also requires specific knowledge and where-with-all (both in handling of cargo and while on the road in transit), which our experienced drivers have from many years of direct hands-on experience loading, conveying and unloading refrigerated goods.  Our company also has extensive experience with the storage of refrigerated products and frozen produce and goods requiring refrigeration or freezing.

Refrigerated Tucking Saves Time, Money and Your Products

Arriving with a truckload of defrosted, melted or spoiled products can cause them to be inedible or outright dangerous while also causing lost time, expense and great hassle for the supplier.  Having the right refrigerated trucking and logistics provider can ensure the safe arrival of your goods and save you time, money and hassle.


Customized Refrigerated Trucking Solutions

Each client’s requirements and cargo are different and require specifics suited to them.  We provide each customer with custom-tailored transportation so that your cargo is loaded, transported, delivered and stored exactly how you need it.

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