Refrigerated Trucking

West Coast Carriers is a leader in refrigerated trucking or temperature controlled transport (TCL) and refrigerated less-than-truckload (LTL) refrigerated trucking services throughout North America and Canada.

Your produce, frozen foods and perishable items will be handled in state-of-the-art refrigerated equipment, by experienced professional drivers. We utilize cutting-edge industry technology to provide highly reliable, on-time pickup, in-transit and delivery performance and superior customer service. We ensure your refrigerated products are delivered with the same care you took in producing them.

We offer Refrigerated Trucking with temperature controlled transport from -10 to 45 degrees in all 50 states and throughout Canada.

West Coast Carriers is the only choice for your perishable and frozen goods.

As a premiere Refrigerated Transportation Carrier; West Coast Carriers provides local, regional, nationwide and international Refrigerated Trucking and Refrigerated LTL services. Whether you seek a trucking company to handle a cross-state, cross-country or across-the-border transport, you only need to make one call. Temperature-controlled products require specific care and special attention.  Whether you need to take ice cream from Texas to New York or veggies from California to Florida, we’re your Coast to Coast Reefer LTL pros.

We have only the most experienced team and solo drivers, professional and courteous dispatchers and responsive support staff. We strive to lead the Refrigerated trucking industry in competitive prices, while still providing the latest resources from the latest technology in food-grade refrigerated trailers to electronic route optimization and temperature-controlled distribution and warehousing.

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Planning, tracking and saving on your Refrigerated Trucking needs:

The type of truck, trailer and even the route can be determined by the type and quantity of cargo you wish to have carried. Your freight may require internal insulation, separation from other cargo based on temperature differentiation requirements and the time of the year and route may require extra steps to ensure the safety of your precious cargo.

Our expert staff will provide you with the ideal truck, trailer, driver, and route to make the delivery of your goods more efficient. We utilize Route Optimization software that takes into condition the road, traffic, grade, tolls, scales and many other factors. By avoiding certain roads, hills, commonly backed-up intersections or by traveling at the right time of the day can cause the overall time-to-deliver to be shortened, the per-mile expense to be decreased or the security of the cargo to be increased.

Even though we recommend that all transports be planned well in advance – we know well how last minute cancellations caused by low-quality Refrigerated Trucking companies, sick or unavailable drivers, mechanical issues and a thousand other reasons may require you to act fast to secure your delivery times and live up to your schedule. We are able to move lightning-fast to provide full-quality, last-minute solutions for getting your cargo loaded, hauled and delivered.