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West Coast Refrigerated Trucking CompanyOur West Coast Refrigerated Trucking service is the jewel in our crown.  We haul tons of produce from fruits to vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices as well as frozen goods from the breadbasket States of the Western US to anywhere in the contiguous US & throughout Canada.  Whether you need a load of apples from Washington shipped to Florida or fresh milk shipped from Fresno, California to the tip of Nova Scotia; we’ve got you loaded, hauled, delivered and even stored – on time and fresh as the day it left.

We haul all of our refrigerated freight with no Transloading along the way.  This means that your frozen and refrigerated goods are loaded into our state-of-the-art Temperature Controlled Transport and remain there until they reach their destination for unloading or cold-storage.  This secures your valuable cargo in the same temperature that you require to keep it crisp, fresh and ready for market.

We pride ourselves on our highly experienced staff of support professionals, logistics specialists, veteran drivers, and management.

For West Coast Refrigerated Less-than-Load (Reefer LTL) we’re at the top of our game.  We move partial loads daily from across the US and Canada.  We offer one, two and even three-chamber variable temperature-controlled trailers so that your less-than-load produce or frozen freight remains at a stable climate without requiring you to outlay the expense of a full truckload.

Time and freshness equal money and we understand that when goods are ready to be shipped that there are deadlines and budgetary requirements and that your cargo must arrive on time and fresh for your business to be successful.  We are dedicated to providing unmatched service so that you can focus on your business.

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West Coast Carriers – The West Coast Refrigerated Trucking Company!

West Coast Carriers is a leader in Refrigerated TruckingRefrigerated Trasnportation Carriers of frozen freight from coast to coast, throughout the contiguous USA and Canada. Our trucks haul chilled or frozen cargo in variable-climate conditions customized to the specific needs of our customers.

“Not all refrigerated cargo is carried equally”

Whether your freight is frozen fish sticks or liquid carbon-fiber – you’ll have specific requirements for keeping that cargo at a necessary temperature for it to not spoil, harden, soften, defrost, melt or otherwise become useless or even dangerous.

Furthermore it is vital that cargo remain at a steady temperature throughout the voyage as the truck may pass through different climates and heights which can cause the outside temperature to vary dramatically. For this we use highly insulated trailers and do not transload (or swap cargo from truck to truck) during its course.

As a professional and responsible refrigerated transporter West Coast Carriers uses highly experienced drivers and modern year, high-tech refrigerated trucks and trailers with powerful refrigeration units which are insulated variable cooling systems.

We clearly understand that your cargo is your business and any loss of cargo is a business loss. Getting your frozen or chilled cargo loaded, hauled and delivered fresh is our business.

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West Coast Carriers: Temperature-Controlled Truckload (TL)

Refrigerated cargo transport is not the same for every client or product. We provide customized temperature controlled solutions for each client on an individual basis from following your specific instructions on pick-up, conveyance, delivery and storage to the management of your goods in transit. The conveyance of your refrigerated, frozen or fresh goods requires temperatures to be matched to your specifications so that they remain in a steady state of refrigeration or freezing – and our Temperature-Controlled Trucking Service does exactly that. Our state-of-the-art temperature controlled trucks are able to both adjust to the specifics of your products but also maintain a steady-state throughout the entire trip. Our experienced refrigeration trucking drivers account for all aspects along the way from loading to inspection, weighing, delivery and time-to-store.

Why Temperature-Controlled Truckload Hauling?

Our primary goal is to make sure your refrigerated or frozen products, produce, wine, carbon fiber or other goods arrive on time and at the temperature you require. From slightly cooled to down-right arctic, our top-of-the-line temperature controlled trucks, experienced drivers, and veteran management team have you and your products covered to the degree that you need, Fahrenheit or Centigrade! We also provide temperature controlled services to keep your products from freezing during the winter months. Whether you need to ship wine, vegetables, produce, spirits or items that cannot freeze, West Coast Carriers has you covered.