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November 22, 2014
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August 19, 2015
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So you want to hire a trucking company to move your shipment.Anger Where do you start and how do you know that the carrier you’ve hired is reliable?  It really should more surprising than it is on how many companies don’t do any due diligence when hiring a carrier. Sure, they get what appears to be a good rate quote and the trucking company seems legit. I mean come on they have trucks right? so this means they do a great job. Well, not so much. Don’t get me wrong there are some great carriers out there that do a fantastic job. So how do you determine which transportation company is hauling your products? If your relying on price alone your days are numbered because it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when. When they don’t show up on time and your shipment has to be there in order for you to make your sale, then what? You call the person back you spoke to only to have your call ring into a generic voice mail. Panic sets in and you begin to call them every 5 minutes only now the phone no longer rings but goes directly into voice mail. In the end your freight will more than likely deliver however, not as requested or as you were told it would. So how do you break this cycle? First of all it’s important you’re asking the right questions and speaking to the right person. Don’t be afraid to ask them to describe to you how this process will work, equipment that will be used and when you can expect it to be delivered. So these are the basics but how do you really know? Ask for the carriers’ MC# and run a check on it through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA). The Department of Transportation number (DOT Number) is an identifying number issued by the department of transportation (DOT). Think of it as a social security number for trucking companies. On their site you can enter the carrier DOT number and this will give you a birds eye view of the carrier performance of the carrier in question. This is a good place to start in searching for a qualified carrier.  Another good place to search is on line by doing a Google search. Sounds simple but you would be surprised at some of the things we’ve seen just by doing a simple Google search. By taking these two steps and doing a little research, you will now be ready to make a confident decision in selecting a carrier to transport your freight and give you a piece of mind. Once you’ve done this you will want to make sure you have the drivers name and have the drivers truck and trailer number as well as an estimated time of arrival for delivery. These are just a few simple ways to ensure you’re making a good choice in choosing a qualified trucking company to transport your freight.