Refrigerated LTL Trucking

Our Refrigerated LTL Trucks use specialized state-of-the-art variable-temperature refrigeration units in highly-insulated modern trailers.  These reefer truck-trailers are further broken down into customized refrigeration areas by the use of ETrack systems which allow for a number of benefits such as incorporating insulated barriers called bulk heads that separate sections of the trailer into individual climate-controlled compartments for Refrigerated LTL cargo.  Each compartment can be set to a specific temperature from sub-zero to chilled to dry or room-temperature.

Our refrigerated LTL (less than load) trailers offer variable temperature-controlled compartments with insulated bulkheads and ETrack systems.
Our insulated bulk heads are moveable so that the size required for temperature-control can be customized to the freight.

Due to the insulation of the truck’s trailer and the insulation of the bulkheads (which can be stationed anywhere within the trailer making the compartment sizes completely customizable) the cargo within remains at a steady temperature throughout the haul.

Here you can see how the E-Track lines the walls of the trailer while there is an insulated door placed over the trailers side door.  This ensure that no air is leaked or introduced into the trailer while en-route and the temperature remains the same within the trailer.

Refrigerated LTL with ETrack and Insulated Door

The insulated bulk heads that attach to the E-Track are heavy-duty with their own refrigeration units and fans built into them. This allows for the temperature of different compartments within the same trailer to be drastically different allowing for a wide range of cargo in an LTL (Less than Load) capacity. In this manner we can haul frozen foods, chilled goods and dry goods in the same trailer.

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Our LTL Refrigerated Trucking service provides end-to-end solutions for chilled and frozen freight with fully customizable

cargo dimensions which enable us to provide the exact space requirements for your cargo. With our adjustable/moveable insulated bulkheads we can ensure that not only the dimensions are met but that your produce, frozen goods, liquid-cooled products or other refrigerated LTL Freight is kept at the specific temperature necessary during its voyage.

Over our many years in LTL Refrigerated Trucking, our staff and drivers have carried a wide range of frozen and chilled goods across the USA and Canada. We know the roads, the rules and have the experience to load, haul, deliver and cold-store virtually any product. This enables us to provide top of the line food-grade transportation and warehousing services from the West Coast to the East Coast and from Texas to Maine to Toronto.

As a nationwide LTL Refrigerated Carrier we provide state-of-the-art temperature-controlled trailers hauled by top recent model trucks. Our temperature-controlled freight solutions provide a variable climate customized for your goods which remains in a steady-state until delivery. We do not transload (switch trucks mid-travel) which allows us to provide unmatched service, reliability and protection of your valuable cargo.

LTL Refrigerated Trucking for produce or frozen goods.
LTL Refrigerated Trucking in climate-controlled trailers for fresh produce or frozen goods.

LTL Refrigerated freight varies considerably in the temperatures and on-board storage requirements whether it is liquid-carbon or fresh apples from the tree. We understand the vital specifics required for the safe stowing of varied dry, chilled, frozen goods and we can easily accommodate with any range of temperatures from below 0 to 70 degrees and above.

With our moveable bulkheads and eTrack system we’re able to provide multiple temperature-controlled zones each with their own climate which means that in the same trailer we can have frozen goods, chilled goods and dry goods each within their own specific and steady climate.

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Less-Than-Truckload Refrigerated Trucking (Reefer LTL)

For those who require less than a full truckload of goods transported, our Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Refrigerated Trucking Service is the ideal custom solution. Reefer LTL offers companies the ability to ship smaller amounts of goods without the expense of paying for a full truckload. By consolidating your cargo with other freight shipments on the trailer you can save both time and money while enjoying the best in state-of-the-art refrigerated trucking technology. Our modern refrigerated or temperature-controlled trucks are being driven by the most experienced drivers and supported by the best and most experienced staff available.

Refrigerated LTL Freight is Versatile

Our LTL Refrigerated Trucking service is the solution – whether you’re shipping fresh produce, frozen goods, dairy, meat, wine, poultry or fish, or other products requiring a temperature-controlled environment from cool too cold to freezing to keep from freezing, we have a custom solution to ensure the safe pickup, transport, delivery and refrigerated storage both on time and budget. From Canada to the border of Mexico and from East to West coast we have you, and your cargo, covered.

Refrigerated LTL TruckingOur state-of-the-art Temperature-Controlled refrigerated trucks come with multiple climate-adjustable compartments ideal for varied cargo and especially for LTL solutions.

We operate FDA-Food Grade equipment including tri-temperature-controlled trailers. These 1, 2 and 3 compartment trucks can accommodate frozen, chilled and dry cargo at the same time.

With moveable insulated bulk-heads we can adjust the varied compartments as needed so it can be customized to fit your specific cargo.

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Our refrigerated LTL trucking has a trusted reputation in each of the lanes we haul. We transport from the West Coast to the East Coast, North to South and from Canada to the United States. When you need frozen or chilled goods like seafood, vegetables or produce transportation companies we’re your company for refrigerated LTL trucking.

Everything You Need From Your Transport Company

Successful refrigerated LTL carriers depend on having experienced drivers, state of the art refrigerated trailers and top-of-the-line recent model trucks that are CARB compliant. It also demands a strong knowledge of temperature-controlled trailers for full truckloads and for refrigerated LTL in diverse climates throughout the year. Whether it’s frozen seafood, frozen veggies, fresh produce, juices, perishable or non-perishable items, you can find all of that at West Coast Carriers. A reputation for being one of the best refrigerated LTL carriers in the United States and Canada.

Reliable LTL Carrier

At West Coast Carriers, we take hauling refrigerated freight seriously because we know your business depends on it. Our highly experienced team members oversee your shipments from start to finish. We love a challenge, so whether you have small refrigerated LTL shipments, full truckloads, sensitive products, difficult receivers, and even last minute changes, it won’t rattle us. In fact, we create greater efficiency by addressing the total picture of your distribution challenges.

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