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July 17, 2013
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Fresh Vegetables at market

vegetables.1Refrigerated Trucking is just one of the many services that West Coast Carriers offers. We haul or transport everything from fresh vegetables to fresh or frozen seafood. The key is experience in knowing what temperatures will keep your products fresh and getting them delivered fresh and on time. Let’s face it, if your fresh produce is sitting on a truck rather than on the store shelf, you’re losing out on sales. This is why it is so important to hire a company you can trust and one that has the track record needed to get your products picked up, hauled and to market safely and at the right temperature.


We hear many horror stories of carriers that have delivered fresh or frozen products above or below temperature risking to spoil them or have them show up frost-bitten. We understand this has a negative and lasting impression, not to mention the expense on both your customer and you. We have taken measures to assure the temperature of each trailer is regulated to the specific criteria of each customer prior to loading and is maintained in transit and delivered at that same temperature.


Our goals are to build long term customer relationships with each of our customers and to grow our companies together through continued progress and steady but solid growth. When you need to ship or transport a full truckload or refrigerated ltl shipment and you need a temperature controlled trucking company, think West Coast Carriers.  We’re old pros with new equipment!