Refrigerated LTL Trucking Companies

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January 16, 2014
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November 22, 2014

Refrigerated LTLThere are a lot of Refrigerated LTL Trucking Companies to choose from, but how do you know which one to choose from? They all tell you how good they are and how great their services are. Is there one that is truly better than the other in service and in price? Where does one find these companies at? On Google? Truth is that most people do just that, go to their favorite search engine, Google, Firefox or Explorer and type in Refrigerated LTL Trucking Companies and hit enter. Do this and you will find hundreds of companies claiming they do what it is you’re looking for. We are going to look closer at this and try to better prepare you on how to choose a quality Refrigerated LTL Trucking Company.

Getting a rate quote for refrigerated LTL is more detailed than you may think. You need to know your product, product temperature, size, weight, what temperature is the truck currently running at, are there appointments for picking the product up or for delivery? Right about now you’re thinking this is crazy, I make a phone call and get what I need with half of those questions. To this I say, communication is key. Most people have built reports with companies and use them until the prices increase each year and some are loyal forever. Either way, if you’re not communicating to the refrigerated carrier you’re having quote your refrigerated freight, you’re asking for problems. There are hundreds of examples to this and can be everything from the wrong weight to the wrong temperature. Either way, you need to remember that the carrier you hire is a representative of you to your customer. So, it’s best to ensure your communication is spot on. You don’t want a call from a driver in the middle of the night telling you he’s stuck at a scale over weight because the 3 pallets of refrigerated produce you hired him to haul for you was a lot heavier than you told him and now he can’t move until he reduces the weight of the trailer to make it legal. Trust me, no one wants this call. Then there is the proverbial “the temperature doesn’t matter, just as long as it doesn’t freeze”. I can’t tell you how many times I hear this one. I can tell you that the temperature always matters and is important to be communicated to the carrier and the driver himself. Because everyone has their own idea of what a chilled temperature is and each of them are different. So communicate as much information as you can think of to make sure you’re getting the services you are looking for. Hiring a refrigerated trucking company to haul your refrigerated LTL at 34 to 38 degrees doesn’t make sense if the driver is running the reefer trailer at 30 to 32 degrees. Ensure your temperature controlled freight is compatible with the refrigerated ltl freight currently on the reefer trailer.