The Basics of Flatbed Trucking

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August 15, 2016
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If you’ve ever needed to move large equipment or building supplies, there’s a good chance you’ve been introduced to flatbed trucking. Many kinds of equipment are too large or bulky to fit inside a closed, roofed-up semi-truck, and flatbeds are a common solution when this is the case.

As one of the top trucking companies in the United States, West Coast Carriers has a robust flatbed trucking division that works directly with some of the largest industrial companies in North America. What makes flatbed trucking an attractive option? Let’s take a look.


First and foremost, flatbed trucking offers more space flexibility than nearly any other form of bulk transportation. There are no walls or ceilings on flatbed trucks, meaning more freedom for you to organize large items with fewer boundaries blocking them. With proper securing techniques, stacking items much higher than a typical truck is easily possible.

As one of the top flatbed trucking companies in the nation, our West Coast Carriers staff is happy to help you coordinate your spatial needs, including any special requests at the pickup or drop-off point.


Another primary benefit of flatbed trucks is convenience in the loading process. Items can be loaded onto a flatbed from either side or the back, and no walls means it’s easier to adjust space in the back and middle of the cargo load during the loading process. The lack of a roof makes flatbed trucks perfect for items that need to be loaded or unloaded by a crane, as well.


A few important precautions need to be kept in mind with flatbed trucks:

  • Chains or straps to secure loads
  • Tarps to cover equipment
  • Warning signs for oversized loads
  • Weather concerns – certain conditions might make transporting loads over a certain weight inadvisable

We take the highest care at West Coast Carriers to ensure all safety precautions are followed strictly. All our drivers are equipped with chains and straps and well-trained on how to secure large loads, plus they all keep tarps to cover equipment. Regular checks are made to ensure loads haven’t shifted or damaged their straps.

If you’re in need of a trucking company who makes your business our business, call West Coast Carriers today.