Why You Need a Reputable Heavy Haul Trucker

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For many of the larger-scale projects out there like mining and construction, standard

transportation isn’t enough. At West Coast Carriers, we specialize in heavy haul trucking, a

unique trucking format involving heavier project cargo and more specific guidelines and risks.

Some of these risks are especially present for individuals or smaller businesses attempting to

handle all the details of a heavy haul themselves. There are a few benefits that heavy haul

trucking companies can provide – let’s look at some of the main ones.


A larger company like ours has a wealth of resources available that simply won’t be on the table

in many smaller situations. Access to things like special trucks and trailers, which can

accommodate a wide variety of customer needs, doesn’t come easy. You don’t always use the

same equipment to transport a high volume of storage as you would to transport large

specialized equipment, for instance.

Companies like ours also know exactly what each specific situation requires, which is no small

deal. Many projects are doomed from the start by an incorrect assessment of the materials or

services needed, but this isn’t a risk with a professional.


Without significant experience, driving a heavy haul load can be a daunting task. The biggest

benefit to using a larger company with a wide selection of drivers is the knowledge that they’ve

traversed every conceivable landscape in the country, and there may even be drivers who

specialize in certain types of terrain.

Permits and Specifications

Trucking isn’t just as simple as loading some items up and moving them from point A to point B

– especially with larger loads, there are permits and specifications to consider. Many of these

depend on different state or international borders, and a larger company that frequently makes

these trips is just more experienced with the nuances and details. Your trucking project won’t

be at any risk of an unplanned stoppage or bureaucratic holdups with a veteran company like


Want to learn more about heavy haul, or any of our trucking services? The experts at West

Coast Carriers are standing by.