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April 24, 2017
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Flatbed Trucking Companies

Flatbed Trucking Companies – Keeping the Business World Moving
Flatbed trucks are seen everywhere. They are in such high volume use that most other motorists rarely notice them. Perhaps, they should.

The size of flatbed trucks vary, depending on the type of load to be transported. The signature appearance of the “flat” bed of the truck tells a much larger story of significance to transportation. Whatever the use for flatbed trucks, flatbed trucking companies keep the business world moving.

Flatbed Trucking – Size Matters
Typically, a flatbed trucking company offers these vehicles in two sizes. For example, the large size is 8’6″ and is widely used for the transport of large quantities of goods or oversized loads and heavy duty equipment and vehicles that don’t fit into vans, pick up or panel trucks.

The 48 and 53 foot size flatbed trucks useful for transporting smaller loads to construction and commercial and industrial project sites.

Flatbed trucking companies are managed by professionals with a broad range of knowledge of federal and state transportation regulations that pertains to allowable sizes and weights within each jurisdiction.

A flatbed trucking company manager also knows the best types of flatbed configurations, such as single or double drop decking. They possess expertise in tracking shipments as part of the business of providing flatbed trucking to customers. They ensure that flatbed truck drivers are trained, licensed and experienced in truck transportation. For customers, this translates to safe, timely, cost-effective pickup and delivery of their goods or equipment.

Flatbed Trucking – For Business and Personal Use
The next time you see a flatbed truck on your local roads, take notice of the load it is carrying. The transporting of sheetrock for basement remodeling may be on its way to a homeowner. In the agricultural industry, farm businesses rely heavily on flatbed trucks to transport farm equipment that need repair.

Commercial businesses rely on flatbed trucks to transport supplies to their warehouses. Industrial businesses retain a regular flatbed trucking company to provide industrial equipment like ductwork, piping and large processing equipment.

Construction companies understand the importance of a reliable, professional flatbed truck consultant to maintain timely transport of lumber, concrete expansion joints and other construction supplies.

Flatbed Transportation for Landscaping Projects
Landscaping projects often require a flatbed truck to transport sod, large quantities of lawn fertilizer and flats of plants and large trees and evergreens. In addition, flatbeds may also be used for refurbishing sidewalks or remodeling with pavers.