NMFC Codes List

Household Goods NMFC Code Cheat list

NMFC Item 100240

Household Goods, as described in Note, item 100262, including Personal Effects or Military Baggage, in shipping vans or prepared for Shipment as required by Note, item 100282, subject to Note, item 100272; each article released in value in accordance with the following, see Note, item 100292:

  • Sub-01 Class-100
    Released value not exceeding 10 cents per pound
  • Sub-02 Class-125
    Released value exceeding 10 cents but not exceeding 20 cents per pound
  • Sub-03 Class-150
    Released value exceeding 20 cents but not exceeding 50 cents per pound
  • Sub-04 Class-200
    Released value exceeding 50 cents but not exceeding $2.00 per pound
  • Sub-05 Class-300
    Released value exceeding $2.00 but not exceeding $5.00 per pound