Expandable Flatbed Trailer

Extendable/Expandable Flatbed Trailers

Extendable/Expandable Flatbed TrailersMost standard Expandable Flatbeds (also known as Stretch Decks) can haul freight with the legal maximum weight and dimensions.  These heavy-duty adjustable-length trailers provide the customization required for different shapes and sizes of freight from pipes to construction equipment to military vehicles.

Expandable flatbeds are extended by locking the breaks on the rear of the trailer; releasing the locking-pin and having the semi pull the trailer open – extending it to the desired length.

Flatbed extendable trailers are used great for hauling varied sizes of freight and are also idea for Flatbed LTL (Less than Load) trucking as they can begin extended with a full load and can be shortened as needed or as the unloading progresses stop after stop.  Extendable flatbeds commonly run at 45 feet and are able to extend up to 70 feet and 8’ 5” wide (102”) and 8’ 5” high (102”).

Extendable Flatbed hauling capacity:  45,000 lbs!

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