Double Drop Deck

Double Drop Trailer

Double Drop Trailer
Double Drops are very similar to Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGNs) except that they’re not as heavy-duty.  They great for long-hauls but not for heavy-hauls.  They have a weight-capacity of around 45,000 pounds while RGNs can go as heavy as 150k.

Double Drop Decks can sometimes extend (extendable or expandable double drops) but they don’t have the additional axles that RGNs feature.

Drop-Decks have the standard electrical and air connections at the front to allow break and beacon lights to be powered, and breaks to receive the air pressure they need.

Many modern double drops are made entirely of aluminum making them light but limiting their weight capacity.  They have storage bins for dunnage to secure or help ventilate the cargo.

Our Double Drop-Decks can haul freight with the legal maximum weight and dimensions.  Our trailers are typically used when moving Over Dimensional freight and can range from 48’ to 53’ in length giving you multiple options to fit your specific cargo needs.

Double Drop Trailer Dimensions:

  • Maximum Hauling capacity: 45,000 lbs.

Maximum Freight Hauling Dimensions:

  • Main Deck: 29’4” Long x 8’5” Wide (102”) x 11’5” High (138”)
  • Front Deck: 10’ Long x 8’5” Wide (102”) x 9’ High (108”)
  • Rear Deck: 8’6” Long x 8’5” Wide (102”) x 10’ High (120”)