5 Trucking Services Everyone Needs

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April 15, 2016
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Trucking services are an essential part of many pipelines, but the industry isn’t just loading up your products and hoping they get to the destination safely. You can get a full range of premium trucking services when you work with the right professionals. Do any of these services catch your eye?

1. Refrigerated Trucking

When you need to ship your special recipe or fresh ingredients across country, use refrigerated trucking to make sure everything arrives in perfect condition. Temperature controlled environments are kept between 45 and -10 degrees depending on the cargo.

2. LTL Trucking

First, what is LTL trucking? It’s less-than-load trucking, which basically means you don’t have enough cargo to fill an entire 53 or 48-foot trailer. A typical load is between 100 and 10,000 pounds, giving you plenty of options. Plus, you can opt for refrigerated LTL if needed.

3. Flatbed Trucking

How much can you put on a flatbed truck? To give you an idea, a 48-foot flatbed can carry a load up to these dimensions:

• 48,000 pounds
• 8.5 feet high
• 8.5 feet wide
• 48-feet long (minimal overhang)

Of course, if you need more space, you might have the option for a larger flatbed.

4. Power Only

When you need tow away or trailer relocation services, look for power only trucking. Whether you need a container picked up from the docks or to move amusement park equipment, power only is the way to get it done.

5. Intermodal Transport

For this option, you’ll need to work with a more established service like West Coast Carriers. Essentially, the trucking service helps you with the entire transport pipeline including railroad options, multiple truck routes and delivery.

If you see something you like, give West Coast Carriers a call and see what kind of services they have to offer. They deliver to all 50 states and even into Canada, so you can trust they know all the regulations and fastest routes.