Refrigerated Transportation Carriers

West Coast Carriers is a leader in Refrigerated TruckingRefrigerated Trasnportation Carriers of frozen freight from coast to coast, throughout the contiguous USA and Canada.  Our trucks haul chilled or frozen cargo in variable-climate conditions customized to the specific needs of our customers.

“Not all refrigerated cargo is carried equally”

Whether your freight is frozen fish sticks or liquid carbon-fiber – you’ll have specific requirements for keeping that cargo at a necessary temperature for it to not spoil, harden, soften, defrost, melt or otherwise become useless or even dangerous.

Furthermore it is vital that cargo remain at a steady temperature throughout the voyage as the truck may pass through different climates and heights which can cause the outside temperature to vary dramatically.  For this we use highly insulated trailers and do not transload (or swap cargo from truck to truck) during its course.

As a professional and responsible refrigerated transporter West Coast Carriers uses highly experienced drivers and modern year, high-tech refrigerated trucks and trailers with powerful refrigeration units which are insulated variable cooling systems.

We clearly understand that your cargo is your business and any loss of cargo is a business loss.  Getting your frozen or chilled cargo loaded, hauled and delivered fresh is our business.

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