No Transloading Refrigerated Trucking

No Transloading of cargo for Refrigerated TurckingRefrigerated Trucking requires a specific and constant temperature applied to the freight that is being carried whether in one of our state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks with temperature-controlled hold or two or three-compartment variable climate trailers for a mix of cargo.

At West Coast Carriers we know that your cargo is vital to your business and it must arrive on time and as fresh as when it was loaded.

For this we guarantee no-transloading of your freight at any time during the haul.

What is transloading and why do we not transload? 

Some companies bounce cargo from truck to truck to save by consolidating cargo with trucks that are carrying on different routes.  This means that your fresh produce, frozen goods or other refrigerated cargo must be pulled from its temperature-controlled atmosphere into room-temperature which can vary from cold to hot depending on where and when the transloading is occurring.

This can cause important cargo to partly defrost thus increasing the risk of spoiling the cargo or of the introduction of bacteria into it.  This can, in some cases, lead to the ruination of all or part of the cargo and can lead to potential legal issues upon the sale of any spoiled cargo to the public.  As it can be hard to track where and when along your cargo’s journey, from your warehouse to the shopper’s table, it was spoiled; keeping your cargo safe and sound in its required climate can help to greatly reduce such potential risks.

At West Coast Carriers we don’t cut corners.  We load, haul, deliver and store your cargo exactly as required to safeguard it and deliver it fresh.

We deliver on-time, safe and sound, so you can focus on the success of your business.