Joanna Szymoniak

I’m so glad that I found West Coast Carriers on the internet. They were able to help me right away with my shipping needs. Very fast, friendly and professional service. I would recommend this trucking company to everyone.

Art Collins

I am a recent user of West Coast Carriers and have to say I am impressed with their services. I was able to get a rate quote and a truck within the same hour. I was given daily tracking updates and our product delivered on time just like they said.  I am very happy and will definitely be  using them again.

Choi M.

I used West Coast Carriers for trucking few times they do good job for us.

Roger Dultingler

West Coast Carriers has always been a good reliable carrier for us. They haul our produce shipments that are extremely time sensitive and must deliver on time. To date, our freight delivers on time and our clients like that. This is why we continue to use West Coast Carriers. I would gladly recommend their services to anyone.

Vladimir Kirchhoff

This was my first time using West Coast Carriers and I was very impressed with how easy it was to do business with them. Initially I called for a rate quote and they were able to do this over the phone and didn’t have to call me back so I booked my shipment with them over the phone. They definitely made this an easy process for me. I will be using you guys again! thank you.

Sandi Underwood

I am grateful to West Coast Carriers for helping me ship our grapes, pears and apples. I have never dealt with this before and am new to the shipping side of things. I made several calls to trucking companies and was quickly surprised at how rude this industry is. I called West Coast Carriers and was impressed with their level of  knowledge and how easy they were to work with. They quoted me over the phone and sent it to me in writing within 15 minutes. Every other company I called, didn’t even call back but gave me prices more than double West Coast Carriers. They moved all 5 loads for us and delivered them on time and at the correct temperature. If it wasn’t for their guidance in helping me to understand that I could ship my freight by bulk-heading it we would have had to pay a lot more to ship these out. Very Grateful

Carol Channing

Hey guys, I wanted to say how blessed we are to have found such a great bunch of people to work with in West Coast Carriers. I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my shipments to California. I appreciate your patience and thoughtfulness with these shipments. I assure you I had no idea it would be the problem it seemed to be. Your consistent reassurance is exactly what kept me hanging on that this would get delivered on time just as you said. I am writing on here to let everyone know that I am not the easiest of people to work with and I know this. I can’t tell you how many times I have had issues with Refrigerated Trucking Companies telling me they have picked up my freight only for me to tell them I am standing here looking at it and they missed the pick up appointment. I have to tell you that I thought all trucking companies were the same until West Coast Carriers proved me wrong and for that, I thank you! I move the same load frequently and will be more than happy to use your company again anytime. Thank you for great dependable refrigerated trucking services.

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