Benefits of Power Only Trucking

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December 15, 2016
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April 11, 2017
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There are many different kinds of trucking available through a reputable vendor like West Coast Carriers. We offer full services in flatbed trucking, refrigerated loads and dozens of other specific areas.

One of our services that’s most popular among independent companies with large loads is power only trucking. “Power only” refers to the needs of the customer in these cases – the load is already packed in a transportable container, and all that’s needed is the truck to physically transport it. There are several potential benefits to power only trucking. Here are a few.


With power only trucking, you retain as much control over the process as possible. You own the trailers, and your company maintains and loads them properly. There are certainly things you’ll have to consider here, such as weight limitations and state or federal regulations, but the general ease of operation with power only trucking is one of the key draws. Instead of spending lots of time organizing these sorts of details, you can move on to other vital parts of your business.


In most cases, this makes power only trucking a much cheaper option than most others. You aren’t paying container fees, and in cases where you own your own containers and products, this can be a huge savings if you frequently ship using trucking. Power only carriers are among the cheapest options out there.

No Maintenance

Headache avoidance is a big part of power only trucking’s benefits, as well. You aren’t required to do any maintenance on trucks, the kind of thing which can torpedo a shipment in a hurry – this is handled by trucking companies. You don’t have to vet a driver, either.

No Insurance

You also don’t have to insure the truck, another expense that’s handled on the other end. There really aren’t many trucking formats more convenient and straightforward than power only trucking, which eliminates many of the middle-men and lengthy processes which often dot this process.

Want to find out more about our power only trucking services, or any other element of our trucking services? Speak to an expert at West Coast Carriers today.